Inhumanity in Sri Damansara

14 02 2009

While this is no new news in many parts of the civilisation here (in the middle east), it is even more degrading to have such gruesome similarities in our own home backyards. We Malaysian should be ashamed of ourselves for this truly inhuman behaviour.

Inhumanity in Sri Damansara

Imagine this i f you can: 140 Bangladeshi workers are living, locked up, in a two-room, 1,000 sq ft apartment — usually a size that is home to a Malaysian family of four or less.

Their hostel (at least that’s what it is called) is a third-floor shophouse unit in Bandar Sri Damansara.

A visit to the “workers’ hostel” operated by Gateway Saujana Corporation Bhd at Jalan Cempaka SD/12/1, Persiaran Cempaka, revealed a horror house.

Even from the doorway, the heat and body odour generated by the 140 was palpable. Clearly, the windows were hardly enough to allow sufficient air circulation.

They share one toilet in the twobedroom unit. There are no beds; they are forced to sleep on the bare floor huddled up against each other.

“The situation has become worse since the gates were locked yesterday,” said Mohd Ashraffudin, 32, speaking in broken Bahasa Malaysia. “Previously, some of us could sleep on the staircaseoutside the unit. Now, we are forced to simply cram together or take turns sleeping.”

Food is also a problem. A woman would stop by every two days to supply rice and provisions. “We have to cook the food ourselves and, depending on the amount given, we sometimes have only one meal a day,” he added.

“I can’t even go out to pray since yesterday as the gate is locked,” complained Taffisurin, 27, who has been there for two months. “This is not the way to treat us as we have rights as well.”

While the Malay Mail photographer was taking pictures, a couple and a few other men arrived. They shouted furiously, pushed us and demanded that we leave immediately.

Escorting us out of the building, the angry group closed the ground floor entrance where six burly men then stood guard.

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