McDonald’s, KFC, Red Rooster, Subway contain excess salt: Survey

7 02 2009

Kita adalah apa yang kita makan – tepuk dada, tanya selera anda. Teringat pulak baru beberapa hari sudah, aku ada ambil gambar organ kambing yang dijual di Lulu Supermarket (Sohar), geli geleman pun ada kata isteriku.


Sisipan Oman Daily Observer

Fast foods contain excess salt: Survey

Many lunch options considered healthy, such as sandwiches and risottos, contain far more salt than the recommended maximum of six grams per day, a survey has revealed. The survey reviewed salt levels in fast foods sold by major chains like KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Oporto, Red Rooster, Subway and McDonald’s. For instance, one chicken and chips meal contained a shocking seven grams of salt.

The salt in fast food items is a major contributor to premature death and disability in Australia and elsewhere. Three quarters of the sandwiches and burgers surveyed contained more than half the maximum daily allowance of salt in a single serving. “There is an unacceptable level of salt in popular fast foods. Companies have responded well to government pressure to rid food of problem fats but salt levels remain very high.

Urgent action is required to reduce salt in these foods,” said Australian Division of World Action

on Salt and Health (AWASH) chairman Bruce Neal. But it’s not just the major fast food chains that are the culprits. At the Salt and the City event, hosted by AWASH in Sydney Thursday, Caitlin Reid, the author of the forthcoming book “Health and the City”, highlighted the fact that meals in many of the popular lunch spots can also be very high in salt, said an AWASH release. The report was released on Thursday by AWASH.




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